In 2023 pool design trends in Orlando can be tricky if you are considering new construction or an upgrade to your backyard oasis. It’s necessary to separate the needs and the wants with the fleeting trends you may not fancy in a few years. With a plethora of design options available in pool design today, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of choices. Rest assured, we are here to help you make smart decisions that reflect your personal style and financial goals. Take a look at some of the current trends and features you may want to incorporate into your design.

Contemporary Pool Water Features

Waterfalls and spa spillovers are still a mainstay in pool design, but the styles are ever-changing and evolving. You can make a statement with a trendy grotto, or a modern and sleek set of stone cascades that evoke a sense of calm and zen-like state. Ever considered a multi-layered spillover? It creates depth and interest in a space and can transform a flat space to a splendid surrounding.

The Modern Infinity Pool

Infinity pools have been around for ages, but executing a stunning vanishing edge in 2023 is not for everyone. This trend is quite beautiful, but you may want to consider the terrain of your backyard and what the view overlooking the pool is. Depending on the height variation and aesthetic you want to achieve, you may want a multi-tiered pool with a swim up bar for an unrivaled entertaining spot.

2023 Pool Design Color Trends in Orlando

Living in Central Florida lends itself to an infinite wheel of color year-round. We are near the beach, so for many the ocean is the inspiration with endless hues of blue that replicate the coastal gradient of aquamarine that you can incorporate into your pool. In order to achieve this look, your builder’s inner pool structure can be a shade of blue, gray, or white with a complimentary blue water line tile to finish off the look. Ask a Bowle’s design professional for color options to achieve the look of your dreams.

If you desire a lush landscape and want your pool and spa to look more like a resort, think about a neutral palette with a stone or paver surrounding in a light sand color and a water line tile that blends together. Keeping a neutral look will also be a smart return on your investment and will hold its value well years down the line. If you’re feeling adventurous or desire a cutting-edge look, consider a dark gray or black interior. It’s moody and can create a really cool vibe when paired with the right additions.

Some of today’s hottest designs depart from this standard blue watercolor, using other shades to make the pool color pop. Instead, think about statement shades like green, where the pool’s finish needs to be green, brown or tan.

Swim Jets to Help Reach Fitness Goals

New year new you, right? Many pool owners want to reach their fitness goals in the water with laps. Not only is swimming an excellent low impact exercise, it has proven health benefits. By incorporating swim jets to your lap pool you can add a bit of resistance training to your fitness regimen. Swim jets are able to push large amounts of water through  jets creating a controlled current you can swim against. You set the intensity, strength and speed for the ultimate customized workout.

Pool Lighting

Gone are the days of the standard pool lighting. We all know that lighting sets the mood and tone for any space. Choosing the right lighting for your pool and spa can amp up the style in your space. In recent years, LEDs have become more popular as they are energy efficient, emit a brighter light, and are offered in an array of colors. You may want to consider a pool and spa automation system. Control your lights and pool right from your smartphone and the ease-of-use makes the minimally added expense worth it.

You can add up lighting to your landscaping that will create a focal point in your backyard. You can also illuminate other structures in your backyard or the surrounding patio deck. Looking for a magical setting (think Disney pixie dust)? Try incorporating twinkle lights for a transformative light show the kids will love.

Baja Shelf or Tanning Ledge

A baja shelf and tanning ledge are one in the same with a different name. It is the ideal place to lounge in a chair where you are partially submerged and can truly find a place of ultimate relaxation. Add a spot for an umbrella to create shade or leave it uncovered on a day where you are looking to soak up some vitamin D! And for the ladies, it’s perfect for the days you don’t want to ruin that fresh blowout hairstyle but want to have a little fun in the sun. You can create an elevated high-end shelf when designing your pool and you can make it as large as you like to enhance your resort-style environment.

Best Pool builder in Central Florida 2023

Making the choice to build a custom luxury pool is a memorable experience and one that should be taken seriously. Want a trend-setting pool or a contemporary classic? The design specialists at Bowles are here to answer your questions. We are available to work through your needs and wants at your convenience. Schedule a free consultation with one of our experts to bring your pool dreams to fruition in 2023.

Jun 7, 2023